• For Whole Health, Your Whole Life

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For Whole Health, Your Whole Life

For Digestion & Immune Support

For Beauty & Skin Care

For Detox & Wellness

Best Probiotics - Perfect Whole Food Supplements

Brought to You by Nature & Dr. Ohhira

In these challenging health times, it's more important than ever to achieve and maintain natural body balance and immune system wellness.  Discover a complete line of nourishing whole-health dietary supplements created by renowned Japanese microbiologist Dr. Iichiroh Ohhira, using over a decade of research to develop an incredible probiotic, pre-biotic and post-biotic blend that can help your system thrive and flourish.  Organic, living fusion produced and perfected by nature and Dr. Ohhira.

Dr. Ohhirra's Original Formula Probiotics


Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics Collection for Digestive & Immune Support

Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics Skin Care

Reg' Activ Collection for Detox & Wellness

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Best Product Out There

"Best probiotic I’ve ever used. No smell or aftertaste. It’s super small and easy to swallow. And it really works. It helps with digestion and makes your body feel lighter."

Verified Customer Testimonial

Very Effective. Stabilizes my system.

"I have relied on these probiotics for several years now and completely endorse their effectiveness. I love that they don't require refrigeration and very easy to swallow. Big fan!!!!"

Verified Customer Testimonial

Great Product

"This product is great for intestinal health. It also is a great immune booster. Easy to swallow and pleasant taste if you prefer to chew them."

Verified Customer Testimonial

Life Changing

"Took a very high quality probiotic for years, but I decided to try this one to see if I noticed a difference. Just WOW! My digestive problems that I thought were lifelong are JUST GONE! I will never be without this again."

Verified Customer Testimonial

The Best

"I wouldn’t be without it. It has a prebiotic, probiotic and a postbiotic. Well worth the price. In this age of antibiotics being prescribed for everything, you need this to get your good gut bacteria back."

Verified Customer Testimonial